Style guide


This website has taken a while to come together. I built the first version in 2010 and have been working on the current design since 2012!

The design direction was always somewhat loose, so the design has changed a lot since I first started. But I knew a couple of traits I wanted: typographic and understated.

This is why the design has minimal colour, attention is drawn to elements by use of white space instead of making things larger and larger, or brighter and bolder.

I also wanted to keep branding to a minimum, so the content took center stage. Also the idea was that the details of the typography and layout are what makes the design distinctive. That is why there is no header with a logo and horizontal list of links.

Inspiration form the past

The graphic design was largely informed by a packaging design concept by a Singapore agency.

Packaging Design Concept

But as websites are a piece of interaction and not just graphic design, other key source of inspiration include: