I always want to know what software other people use when making websites, so I thought I would share the ones I use. I’ve not listed things like web font services as what gets used tends to be per project.

ia writer

I have been using iA Writer since version one and it is my go-to app for everything. I plan, make notes, write lists and articles all in Markdown. I have the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad too, so everything is in sync. I’m also getting into the #tag feature.

sublime text

I have tried many text editors including Coda, Atom and DreamWeaver, but I really do think Sublime Text is the best. It’s quick and has a small footprint of 36.9 mb. Atom by contrast installed over 2 gb of stuff.


I got CodeKit to do sass for me because I cannot be bothered with the command line. At work I use Koala as we use Windows.


You can use it for free online, but I have the paid for version. I use it to edit things I am going to publish, rather than as a tool for writing.

For image optimisation. I use as a step after producing graphics in say Photoshop. I find it can often shave off a few extra kb.


This website uses Perch for managing content. It’s simplicity and price is great!

mamp pro

The main reason I use mamp is to manage the virtual hosts. You can do this manually, but it is bit of a pain. The pro version gives you better controls.


Stores all my code for personal projects and lets me work on my iMac or MacBook Air.


Version control client for managing code on BitBucket. The interface is a little clunky, but it’s free and available on both Mac and Windows.


A fancy way to ftp changes to a server but infinitely more robust.


For anything else I use ftp on both Mac and Windows. It’s not sexy but it is miles better than DreamWeaver’s built in ftp.

affinity designer

At Blue House Design with use the Adobe Creative Suite, but I loathe their pricing model.

affinity photo

I’ll admit I’ve yet to really use this app as I mostly get by editing in Aperture.


Despite the fact you can longer buy this app I still manage all my photos with it.


Like Aperture this app is no longer supported. I only really use this for personal projects as mostly as archive of interesting websites. I also had the predecessor LittleSnapper.


I’ve used several save for later type services such as Pocket, the now defunct Readability and even Evernote. I love the minimal interface. It’s quick. What I like is that with the paid plan the bookmark is archived, so is accessible if the site is no longer current.


Arthur adds a prefence pane to the Systems Preferences to toggle hidden MacOS settings. The most useful is to enable hidden files. I use to do this from the command line but always had to Google the right code. This just saves so much time.


Home: 21.5-inch model which I use with a wired keyboard for the number pad. When I bought it the shop assistant looked at me sideways.

Work: 27-inch model which we use to run Windows. No idea why, but there you go.

elevation stand

A special mention for the stand I use at home. I think this is a product Apple should really make, the Elevation Stand raises my iMac up to a much more comfortable height. It’s a shame that it’s only available in one size, but the height is spot on. If you can get hold of one it’s worth the expense.

macbook air

A 13-inch model, the best thing about it is the solid state harddrive. I will never buy any computer without one. It’s blazzingly fast.

apple time capsule

Backs up both my machines and I use it as my Wi-Fi router. You can get quicker drafts these days, but I don’t own any devices that would benefit.

ipad air 2

I use this for reading and testing.

iphone 5s

I’m not a fan of the ever increasing size of mobile phones. I’ve had this model for years and it’s still going strong.

b&w mm1 speakers

The sound from the iMac is pretty good, but these things are wonderful.

sony α6300

I only tend to take photographs when I travel, so for me this is the perfect combination of slr quality and point-and-shoot ease. I use two prime lenses:

  • 38 mm Sony F1.8 lens
  • 19 mm Sigma F2.8 DN lens

— Alexander Blackman