Alexander Blackman

I’m a thirty-something web designer and front-end developer. I am the design and development lead at Blue House Design a small design agency in Maidstone, Kent.

Before turning my attention to web design, I made a living as a Taekwon-Do instructor. I taught classes across Kent and Sussex to children – including early years – and adults.

After university I joined a small business where I helped double turnover to four million pounds. I designed and ran a service, and wrote the company’s first Quality Management System.

Outside work

  • Volunteer coach at Codebar helping under-represented people learn programming

  • Degree in fine art from the prestigous Chelsea College of Art and Design

  • Second degree black belt in Taekwon-Do. I am also keen on cricket and rugby

  • I like to read about user centred design, typography and grid design. I also appear to have started a book collection…

  • Democratic socialist and member of the Labour party

  • I live in Tonbridge, Kent with my wife Rebecca